Porsche’s Cookie Policy

1. Scope

This Cookie Policy complements the Privacy Policy of our www.porsche-franciacorta.it website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website“) (updated 23 June 2021] and provides additional information on the nature, purpose and scope of the processing of data using cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “cookies“).

2. Data Controller, Data Protection Officer, rights of data subjects

The Data Controller under the data protection legislation is:

Porsche Italia S.p.A.
Corso Stati Uniti 35
35127 – Padua

If you have any questions or comments about data protection, you may contact our designated Data Protection Officer as follows:

Data Protection Officer (DP0]

Porsche Italia S.p.A.
Corso Stati Uniti 35
35127 – Padua

E-mail: privacy@porsche.it

Information. about your rights regarding the use of cookies can be found in the general section ofthe Privacy Policy of our Website.

3. Categories of personal data

When we specify the categories of data processed in this Cookie Policy, we refer in particular to the following data: personal data(e.g. name, address, date of birth, tax identification number), contact details(e.g. email addresses, telephone number, messaging services), vehicle data(driver’s license number,expiration date], content data(e.g. entered texts, photos, videos, document/file content), contract data (e.g. purpose of contract, contract terms, customer category), payment details (e.g. bank details, payment history, reliance on other payment service providers], usage data (e.g. search history on our Website, use of certain content, access times, contact or order history], connection data (e.g. device information, IP addresses, URLs, etc.), location data(e.g., GPS data, IP geolocation, access points), diagnostic data(e.g., crash logs, website/app performance data, other technical data for malfunction and error analysis].

4. Categories of cookies and similar technologies

Cookies are small files that are stored by a website on the user’s device.They contain combinations of letters and numbers in order, for example, to recognize the users and their settings when they return to a website: such website sets cookies to allow them to remain logged into a customer account or to statistically analyze certain usage behaviors.

The web storage technologyallows variables and values to be cached locally in the user’s browser. This technology includes both “sessionstorage”, which is stored until the browser tab is closed, and “IocalStorage”, which is stored in the browser cache until the cache is cleared by the user. The Iocal Storage technology enables us, among other things, to recognise the users and their settings when they visit our Website.

Generally, access to cookies or similar technologies is only possible from the Internet address through which such technology is set. This means that we do not have access to the cookies of the providers and that they do not have access to our cookies. Third parties do not have access to our cookies or the cookies of providers. Access by third parties can only be obtained through technical attacks that we cannot control and for which we are not responsible.

Pixel tags are small graphic files that are loaded by the servers of our providers when users visit our Website. In addition, the program code through which data is recorded (e.g. regarding the users’ behavior in the use of our Website) is also loaded.

Cookies used on our Website can be divided into three categories: technically necessary cookies, analytical or performance cookies and marketing cookies.
While technically necessary cookies are always stored when the user visit our Website, the user always has the possibility to choose whether to allow the use of analytical or performance cookies, as well as the use of marketing cookies.
The user can change the chosen settings at any time. However, users should be aware that, by blocking certain types of cookies, their experience of using our Website and/or the services and features available on the Website may be impaired.

General information on the cookies used is available in the sections and paragraphs below (“Cookie settings on this Website”).

5. Cookie settings on this Website

A) Technical cookies and similar technologies

The use of technical cookies is essential to ensure the proper and secure functioning of our Website and its functions, and to make our Website fully available. By way of example, these cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • Allow the use of the basic features of the Website;
  • Save data protection preference settings;
  • Provide a safe authentication through which users can log into their user account;
  • Save car configurator selections;
  • Provide multimedia content that also meets the technical requirements of the device;
  • Allow forms to be filled in.

Other essential functions

Essential functions for the Website’s provision

The duration of cookies is equal to the duration of the connection session or, if prior to the end of such session, until the consent is withdrawn.

B) Analytical and performance cookies

This type of cookies is used to analyse the use and performance of our Website. These cookies are partly set by external providers. By using these cookies, we can, for example, count the number of searches run on our Website and understand which sites have redirected the users to our Website.
We can also analyse which sections of our Website are the most visited, which sections are the least used and how visitors navigate through our Website. This allows us to evaluate the overall effectiveness of our Website, to improve it and to optimise its content. By way of example, these cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • Understand what content is relevant to users to improve the quality of our current Website and to deliver a better user experience;
  • Measure the autonomy and success of marketing measures;

  • Measure and improve the performance of our Website; and
  • Select content based on user needs.

Google Analytics

This is a web analytics service.

Duration of cookies: two years from the connection session in which consent to use was given or until such consent is withdrawn, whichever occurs first.


Our Website installs Hotjar, which is an analytical cookie that, by monitoring the behaviour of the users of the Website (clicks and other actions performed by users, pages visited and time spent on them, etc.), aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Website itself and, more generally, to improve the user Website experience. The information collected through Hotjar is used in an aggregated and anonymised form and is not used to profile users. More information atwww.hotiar.com/cookies

Duration of cookies: throughout the connection session or, if prior to the end of such session, until consent is withdrawn.

C) Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are set in order to provide content and views based on the users’ interests and to obtain accurate reports on the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. These cookies are partly set by selected third-party providers in connection with marketing and social media activities. These parties then receive information about how our Website is used and may combine it with other data that such parties may have obtained from users through other means.

This allows us to provide users interested in the content and offers available on our website also with offers from other social media and Porsche websites in cooperation with selected partners through targeted, interest-based advertising (retargeting/remarketing). Advertisements on our partners’ websites for marketing and social media activities are placed on the basis of an analysis of how users use our Website. The creation of such usage profiles, based on the information provided by the operators of the retargeting/remarketing services we rely on, is partly anonymised or pseudonymised. The data we collect in this manner are not used to individually identify the users and are in no way combined with their other personal data collected by us through the Website.

By way of example, the cookies belonging to this group are used for the following purposes:

  • Ensure constant enhancement of marketing communications to visitors of our Website;
  • Target interested users with the right information, and
  • Make the best use of advertising content that is important to the user, including content outside of Porsche’s Website.

Google Maps

It is a web-based map service.

Duration of cookies: six months from the connection session in which consent to use was given or until such consent is withdrawn, whichever occurs first.


It is a service for viewing video content.

Duration of cookies: two years from the connection session in which consent to use was given or until such consent is withdrawn, whichever occurs first.

YouTube Video

This is a video playback service.

Duration of cookies: eight months from the connection session in which consent to use was given or until such consent is withdrawn, whichever occurs first.

6. Consent and options against the use of cookies and similar technologies

By accessing the cookie settings on our Website, you have the opportunity from time to time to freely provide your consent to the use of cookies for analysing the scope of use and performance of our Website and/or cookies for marketing purposes and/or in general all cookies, and to withdraw such whenever you deem fit

If you do not wish to allow the use of certain cookies or cookies in general, you can prevent them from being stored on your device by configuring the relevant settings on your device and/or Internet browser.

You can disable the option to accept cookies in the settings of your Internet browser. With regard to the procedures for managing and deleting cookies in the settings of your Internet browser, please refer to the help section and other information concerning the use of the browser available on your browser. In addition, you can disable all cookies by using free Internet browser Add-0ns, such as “Adblock Plus” (https://adbIockpIus.orq/en/chrome] in combination with the “EasyPrivacy” list (easyIist.to] or “Ghostery” (qhostery.com]. You can select “Do not accept cookies” in your Internet browser settings. However, please note that, in this case, access to some similar technologies such as web storage content or pixel tags may not be available.

You can manage, disable or delete stored cookies at any time by changing the system settings of your device and/or Internet browser.

Please note that the performance and functions of the services and offerings delivered through our Website may be limited if cookies or similar technologies are blocked and/or if you do not provide consent to the use of cookies.